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  • mesectoderm — 1. Cells in the area around the dorsal lip of the blastopore where mesoderm and ectoderm undergo a process of separation. 2. That part of the mesenchyme derived from ectoderm, especially from the neural …   Medical dictionary

  • mesectoderm — mes·ectoderm …   English syllables

  • Neural crest — The formation of neural crest during the process of neurulation. Neural crest is first induced in the region of the neural plate border. After neural tube closure, neural crest delaminates from the region between the dorsal neural tube and… …   Wikipedia

  • ectomesenchyme — SYN: mesectoderm (2). [ecto + G. mesos, middle, + enkyma, infusion] * * * ec·to·mes·en·chyme (ec″to mesґeng kīm) mesenchyme originating from the ectoderm, particularly from the neural crest …   Medical dictionary

  • mesenchyme — 1. An aggregation of mesenchymal or fibroblastlike cells. 2. Primordial embryonic connective tissue consisting of mesenchymal cells, usually stellate in form, supported in interlaminar jelly. SYN: mesenchyma. [mes + G. en …   Medical dictionary

  • mesectodermal — adjective see mesectoderm …   Useful english dictionary

  • mesectodermic — adjective see mesectoderm …   Useful english dictionary

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